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Photos of the ironwork gates at the U.S. Marine Hospital, at 800 St. Anthony Street, Mobile, AL

Photos of later period ironwork at the Trammell House, also known as the Charles K. Foote House, at 255 North Conception Street, Mobile, AL

Photo of the Tate House, with late period ironwork, at 304 State Street, Mobile, AL

Photos of the Schieffelin-Sledge House at 52 and 54 South Jackson Street, Mobile, AL.

Photo of the Narcissa M. Shawhan House, also known as the Revault-Maupin-Shawhan House, at 254 North Conception Street, Mobile, AL

Photo of the two story house with middle period ironwork, at 207 South Conception Street, Mobile, AL

Photo of cast-iron and wrought-iron gate and iron fence at 215 South Conception St., Mobile, AL

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Photos of the Cluis-Rubira House at 156 St. Anthony Street, Mobile, AL

Photos of the James Riley House, at 8 North Hamilton Street, Mobile, AL

Photos of the C. Reingard Double House at 8 and 10 North Jackson Street, Mobile, AL
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