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Martha West Davis talks about her grandfather, Cudjo Lewis, the Clotilde, Cudjo's funeral, Mon Louis Island, the Plateau Community, etc.

Eoline Pope Scott and Odile Pope Owen talk about their father in the Excelsior Band and family memories

Part of the VOHP interview of Paulette Davis Horton, discussing her book, Avenue, the People, the Places, the Memories, and discussing her experiences interviewing Mobilians for the book

Graduation Days, 1943.pdf
Madeline Eddins' Murphy High School scrapbook for the 1942-1943 school year

I80 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
View of the inside of a diner, with booths, tables, bar counter, and a jukebox in the back

I79 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Albright & Woods Drugstore window display with Squibb products, including shaving cream, milk of magnesia, with signs advertising "Squibb Home Necessities Week"

I78 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Two ladies standing in the middle of a path looking at a blooming flower bush

I77 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Crowd outside of Roxy Theater, with sign showing "Gone With the Wind. Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh"

I76 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Close up of sign from Building Again image, reading "Building Again to keep pace with our slogan of working 'For Alabama, it's Port, and Progress' "
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