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31 Dec . health vs politics.pdf
News editorial criticizing the appointment of Dr. Charles A. Mohr as county health officer over Dr. William H. Oates

29 Dec . mohr elected.pdf
News article

Chosen By Mobile Medical Society Over Dr. Oates by Vote of 17 to 13
Position Carries With It Salary of $3,500 Year
Expected Fight on Provision to Name Assistant Health Officer Failed to Develop

11 Dec . health board failed again.pdf
News editorial criticizing the city health board for not passing an ordinance forbidding public assembly sooner

9 Dec . health board assures city.pdf
News article assuring the public that the influenza situation is being observed diligently

9 Dec . capable man chosen.pdf
News editorial promoting Dr. John O. Rush as the new president of the Mobile County Medical Society

8 Dec . new health system.pdf
News article

Sub-headline: Dr. McCall Says Present Health Officer Would Resign in Order to Carry Out Plan

8 Dec . crawford a failure.pdf
News editorial bashing Mayor Crawford for failing to keep up with and provide the public with accurate information on the number of influenza cases in Mobile

7 Dec . influenza situation.pdf
News editorial demanding something be done to avoid a renewal of influenza outbreak

22 Nov . Our Health System p.6.pdf
News editorial about the Mobile health system

21 Nov . Mobile Health System Wrong.pdf
News article about Dr. Welch's critique of the Mobile health system
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