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Stillborn Inf of Sallie Leonard.. #1252.pdf
Death certificate for Sallies Infant

Philly Gunn.. #751.pdf
Death certificate for Phillip Gunn

Paul Horgan.. #823.pdf
Death certificate for Paul Horgan

Pablo B. Pidal.. #1125.pdf
Death certificates for Pablo B. Pidal

Infant of George and Margaret Mertz #915.pdf
Death certificare for Inf of Margaret & George Mertz

Infant of Felix & Virginia Andry #52.pdf
Death certificate for Infant of Felix & Virginia Andry

Inf of Paul & Margaret Griggs #777.pdf
Death certificate for 5 day old son of Paul & Margaret Griggs

Inf Stillborn # 265.pdf
Death certificate for infant of Lawrence & Nora McGlinn

Inf of Michael & A Conniff #689.pdf
Death certificate for Inf of Michael & Ann? Conniff

Inf of L & A Lemoine #356.pdf
Death Certificate for Inf of Louis B & E A Lemoine
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