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Cotton Industry.jpg
Image of cotton bales along the docks of Mobile Bay.

Shell Road - Mobile Bay from Shell Road.jpg
Image of Mobile Bay from Shell Road in Mobile.

Shell Road - Mobile Bay to its right..jpg
Image of Shell Road with the Mobile Bay to its right.

Torpedo Boat [unknown].jpg
Image of an unidentified Mississippi torpedo boat in the Mobile Bay.

Boat [unknown].jpg
Image of an unknown boat crossing the Mobile Bay.

Image of an unidentified boat unloading bananas at the docks in the Mobile Bay.

Schooner [unknown].jpg
Image of a schooner loading lumber while docked in the Mobile Bay.

Ship [unknown].jpg
Image of an unidentified ship in the Mobile Bay.

Image of a Mississippi revenue cutter, Captain J. H. Brown, Mobile.

Sherry Bishop speaks with her daughter, Justine Herlihy, about the unique combination of values that shape their lives. They share memories of their childhoods and reflect on the tornado that devastated Justine's neighborhood in 2011.
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