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Eli Green's Cake Walk, 1896

Eli Green's Cake Walk, 1896

A Red Hot Number
Eli Green's Cake Walk
Words by Dave Reed, Jr.
Music by Saddie Koninsky
Banjo Solo, Banjo and Piano
Also Published For: All Mandolin and Guitar Arrangements, Zither, Quartette, Full Orchestra, and Band.
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Eli Green's Cake Walk
1. Up in de sky dars a yaller moon a beamin' And free de trees dar a lot of lights a gleamin'; What's goin' on? What's goin' on? Swell coons are all turnin' out. Gay little gals wif dere pretty eyes a rollin', Down froo de grove wif de darkies am a strollin'; all hands dressed in their best, What's de rumpus all about? Dis am a night dat de coons are celebratin', Down to a cakewalk they're all a congregatin'; My, what style! See dem smile! Chuck full of dun and delight. Dis is de time ev'ry nigger is a dandy, Feels just as sweet as a stick of yaller candy; Extra fine, Right in line, All a teelin' out of sight. O!
2. There comes a coon wif a mighty reputation, Wins ev'ry cake dat he tackles in de nation; My don't talk! Walk him walk! Aint he a picture of grace. Some people say he is certainly a wonder, He's got a face dats as black as any thunder; But when he looks at me, He'll turn yaller in the face; He come around fo' to gobble up de prizes, But I'se a coon dat he very much despises; Dis swell Knows right well He aint a marker to me. Dis am a chance fo' to gain a reputation, We'll be de talk of de colored population. Oh you Lize, Roll dem eyes, You's as pretty as can be. O!
Chorus: Swing round and show yo' clothes my lady, Don't you take yo' peepers off dat cake, We'll make these other coons look shady. Dar is no mistake, Say gal, you is a red hot member! Goodness won't we make the people talk, Dat cake will make us bofe remember Eli Green's cake walk! 

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Eli Green's Cake Walk, 1896