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10 Dec . van antwerp ad.pdf
Advertisement for the Van Antwerp Drug Corporation's Hyomei inhaler

6 Dec . Van Antwerp ad.pdf

Said That Epidemic Cost More Lives Than American Loss In Battle. Danger Not Over. Great Care Necessary To Prevent Further Outbreak

1 Nov . Van Antwerp flu ad 1918 p19 Mobile Register.pdf

Spanish Influenza Is Epidemic Here
Many Cases Develop Into Deadly Pneumonia . Easier to Prevent Than Cure. How to Avoid

20 Oct . All fountains closed 1918 p1A Mobile Register.pdf

All Fountains Are Closed By New Ordinance
Sale of Anything Over Counter Prohibited Except Packages That Can Be Taken Away by Customers - Drinks Banned
Unusual Phrase Put In Legal Document
First Suggestion From Board of…

18 Oct . 225 new cases 1918 p1A.pdf

Every Hospital and Infirmary in Mobile Taxed to Capacity With Patients
"Food Drink" Druggists Have Small Patronage
Emergency Hospital To Be Opened By Red Cross After Commission Failed To Do So

17 Oct . Van Antwerp holds up health move 1918 p1A Mobile Register.pdf
News article


Protest of Local Druggist for Continuance Soda Fountains Wins With Commission
Indignation Is Voiced As Facts Become Known
Was Political Pressure Brought To Emasculate Health Measure, Question Asked

17 Oct . Van Antwerp  blasted 1918 p3 Mobile Register.pdf
News editorial criticizing the city commission's decision to rescind part of the ordinance to close soda fountains and soft drink stands

Ad page for Jas. McPhillips Grocery Co.
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