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Religion Bulletin Special Services Union Baptist Church Aug. 14 2004 Mobile Register 5D.pdf
Newspaper article on the 144th anniversary of the Clotilda's landing

Religion Bulletin Special Services Union Baptist Church Aug. 2 2003 Mobile Register 3D.pdf
Newspaper article on Africatown's second annual Recognition Day

Black heritage trail takes shape Mar. 30 2007 Mobile County Neighbors 1, 6.pdf
Newspaper article on Mobile's black heritage trail including Africatown markers

Piece of History Feb. 11 2008 Press-Register 1B, 5B Final.pdf
Newspaper article on historic marker at Union Baptist Church

King march is special this year Jan. 16 2003 1 Points North.pdf
Newspaper article on the return of Cudjo's bust

Police and community continue search for bust Jan. 21 2002 Final.pdf
Newspaper article on the search for Cudjo's bust
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