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The Local History and Genealogy Library is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to the history of Mobile, and the greater Gulf Coast region.

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Granny Dennison, local historian, dies Nov. 26 2009 Press-Register 5C.pdf
Newspaper article on the death of Mable Dennison

Item 38 Historic Sketches of the South.pdf
Book excerpt from Emma Langdon Roche's Historic Sketches of the South

Item 37 A Memoir of Lottie Dennison.pdf
Book summary of A Memoir of Lottie Dennison by Mable Dennison

Item 36 Biographical Memoirs of James Dennison.pdf
Book on a former slave who travelled on the Clotilda

Item 7 Investigation Underway.pdf
Newspaper article on the Clotilda and Lottie Dennison
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