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The Local History and Genealogy Library is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to the history of Mobile, and the greater Gulf Coast region.

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Clinton King Slide Collection


Photos taken by Clinton King, a past president of the Mobile Genealogical Society, of Mobile in the 1960s and 1970s, including hurricane damage,…

Clotilda Collection

clotilda 6.jpg

Items from the Clotilda vertical files and archival collection

Growing Up In Mobile: Depression & Wartime, 1929-1949

Elizabeth Vickers Courtney . 1 Jul 1983.mp3

Contributors: USA Photographic Archives,
Spring Hill College,
Mobile Historic Development Commission

Growing Up in Mobile: Great Depression Slide Collection

I80 . Sep 83 A7.jpg

35mm slides of Mobile during the Great Depression

Contributors: USA Photographic Archives

Mardi Gras Invitations

OOM 1883.pdf

Ball and Tableau Invitations

Mobile Death Records

Brown, Martha E..pdf

Death records of Mobile, Alabama

Mobile Postcard Album


An album of postcards of Mobile, donated to the Mobile Public Library, Local History & Genealogy division

Mobile Tricentennial Video Oral History Project Interview Clips

Oral history interviews of elders in Mobile's African American community. These items are clippings, and the full interviews are available for viewing…

Contributors: Kern Jackson

MPL Digital Yearbook Collection


Digital copies of yearbooks in the Local History & Genealogy Yearbook Collection

Contributors: Oklahoma Correctional Industries

MPL Scrapbook Collection

Classmates & Memories.pdf