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The Local History and Genealogy Library is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to the history of Mobile, and the greater Gulf Coast region.

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Item 5 Africatown.pdf
Newspaper article on Africatown, referencing the Clotilda

25th Original Africatown Folk Festival slated for this weekend Mar. 14 2007 Press-Register 1B, 6B.pdf
Newspaper article on Africatown festival and history

Africatown grew on slaves' legends and lore 25 July 1993 Mobile Register 2G.pdf
Newspaper article on the history of Cudjo Lewis and Africatown

AfricaTown, U.S.A. legislation opposed Apr. 8 1983 2B Mobile Register.pdf
Newspaper article on AfricaTown park proposal

Amistad Welcomed in Mobile Nov. 11 2002 1A, 4A.pdf
Newspaper article on the Amistad and the Clotilda

Article about Mobile Public Library, including a section for when it first opened as a free public library, a section for Emma Harris, the library's improving financial status, the Fine Arts room, and a section for director Arless Nixon
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