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1 Jan . 68 cases.pdf
News article about the slow of the influenza spread

Sub-headline: None Reported Monday in Mobile. Eight Patients in County

18 Dec . pensacola.pdf
News article

Sub-headline: Renewed Efforts Are to Be Taken to Prevent Sale of Liquor to Men in Service

18 Dec . ordinance repealed.pdf
News article

Sub-headline: Commissioners Adopt Recommendations Adopted by Health Authorities

18 Dec . mobile schools.pdf
News article

Sub-headline: No Interruption for New Year When Studies Are Resumed

18 Dec . ban removal editorial.pdf
News editorial commenting on the board of health's decision to lift the restrictions on public spaces

17 Dec . pensacola and street cars.pdf
News article

Sub-headline: Other Drastic Steps Contemplated To Suppress Influenza - Two Officers Arrested

17 Dec . bd of health says raise ban.pdf
News article

Resolution States Intention of Board of Preventing Crowds Fails of Purpose
People Are Urged To Wear Masks By Doctors
Health Officials Say There Is Discrimination and For That Reason Urge Repeal

15 Dec . violation flu law.pdf
News article about the arrest of Bob Thomas for breaking the city ordinance by selling soft drinks in his store

15 Dec . second fight.pdf
News article

Welch In Charge of Campaign to Combat Disease
Rules Prepared at Chicago Meeting To Be Given Health Officials

15 Dec . no jury trials.pdf
News article

Sub-headline: Sessions of Court are Ordered Postponed During Recurrence of Disease
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