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Photos of the Augusta Evans Wilson House, also known as Georgia Cottage, at 2564 Spring Hill Avenue, Mobile, AL

Photos of the Dargan-Waring House at 351 Government St., and the Waring "Texas" House at 110 South Claiborne, St., Mobile, AL, including a short history written by Historic Mobile Tours, Inc.

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Photos of the Walsh House, also known as the Vincent-Walsh House, at 1664 Spring Hill Avenue, Mobile, AL

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Photos of the Batre-Hamilton House, also known as the W.M. Broun House, at 320 Avalon Street, Spring Hill, Mobile, AL

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Photos of the ironwork gates at the U.S. Marine Hospital, at 800 St. Anthony Street, Mobile, AL

Photos of later period ironwork at the Trammell House, also known as the Charles K. Foote House, at 255 North Conception Street, Mobile, AL

Photos of the General Theophilus Toulmin House, originally at 552 Wilson Avenue, Touminville, AL, dismantled in 1974 and rebuilt on University of South Alabama campus, at 307 University Blvd., Mobile, AL, under supervision of Nicholas H. Holmes, Jr.

Photos of the Sanford-Thompson House at 1621 Spring Hill Avenue, Mobile, AL

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Photo of the Tate House, with late period ironwork, at 304 State Street, Mobile, AL

Photos of the Sanford-Staylor House, also known as the William Staylor House and the John Craft House, at 451 and 453 St. Francis Street, Mobile, AL

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