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Front and back of the book's front cover

Title page of "Souvenir History of the Mobile Fire and Police Departments, 1819 to 1902", with image of fireman on a horse-drawn wagon

Ad page for Pollock & Bernheimer

Beginning of introduction, written by John C. O'Connell. Text continues on page 5.

Ad page for Southern Supply Co., Railway and Mill Supplies

Continuation of the book intro by John C. O'Connell

Ad page for the new Battle House Hotel, with images of the dining room, main office, lobby, and parlor lobby/ sun parlor

Listing of mayors of Mobile, with short accounts of terms served, and portrait of the then current mayor, W.F. Walsh. Portraits for all listed mayors are on page 9.

Ad page for L. Hammel & Co. Department Store

Portrait images of Mobile mayors from the late 19th century and very early 20th century: R.B. Owen, J.C. Rich, C.L. Lavretta, J.C. Bush, and T.S. Fry
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