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Clotilda Collection


Clotilda Collection


Items from the Clotilda vertical files and archival collection


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Collection Items

Abache and Kazoola
Image of Abache and Cudjo Lewis

Image of Abache

Cudjo Lewis
Image of Cudjo Lewis

Cudjo Lewis
Image of Cudjo Lewis

Image of "Uncle Charlee," who was brought on the Clotilda

Last Slaver from U.S. to Africa. A.D. 1860
Account of the Clotilda by Captain William FosterTranscription of Capt. Foster’s account of the Clotilda voyage and notes accompanying it (with suggestions in [italics]), by Valerie Ellis, Local History and Genealogy, Mobile Public Library:Mr.…

Captain Tim Meaher
Image of Captain Tim Meaher

Captain William Foster
Image of Captain William Foster

Capt. Wm. Foster. Commander of Last American Slave Vessel Buried Yesterday
Newspaper article on the burial of Clotilda captain William Foster

Letter from H. E. Links to Donaldson
Letter and notes concerning Meaher and the Clotilda
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