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Reverend Sullivan's Funeral Cards


Reverend Sullivan's Funeral Cards


Funeral cards of residents living in Mobile, Baldwin, Clarke, and Washington Counties


Mobile Public Library, Local History and Genealogy


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Collection Items

Alford, William Herbert
Funeral card for William Herbert Alford

Ballard, Joe H.
Funeral card for Joe H. Ballard

Barr, Eva Claire
Funeral card for Eva Claire Barr

Baxter, David Theodore
Funeral card for David Theodore Baxter

Baxter, Jonnie Ray
Funeral card for Jonnie Ray Baxter

Blount, Lella Irvin
Funeral card for Lella Irvin Blount

Bowman, Annie Pearl
Funeral card for Annie Pearl Bowman

Brown, Walter Jack
Funeral card for Walter Jack Brown

Calvert, Dixie Celeste
Funeral card for Dixie Celeste Calvert

Canamore, Sammy
Funeral card for Sammy Canamore
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