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The Local History and Genealogy Library is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to the history of Mobile, and the greater Gulf Coast region.

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Photo of front elevation of Second American Theater, on Royal St., Mobile, AL; has since been demolished

Photo of house at 20 South Franklin St., Mobile, AL, with early wrought iron works. Balcony facing southwest corner of Conti St.

Photo of house on 51 N. Jackson Ave, Mobile, AL

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Photos of the office building at 56 St. Francis St., Mobile, AL

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Photos of ironwork repair shop and blacksmith shop at 64 S. Water St., Mobile, AL

nh 108 N Water Street367.jpg
Photo of east side of store building at 108 North Water St. Mobile, AL

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Photos of house on 154 St. Louis St., Mobile, AL, showing front facade, late iron work, steps, and fence

Photo of front and west side of house on 155 Monroe St., Mobile, AL

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Photos of the iron gates and fence at 155 St. Louis St.

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Photos of house on 157 Monroe St., Mobile, AL

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