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The Local History and Genealogy Library is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to the history of Mobile, and the greater Gulf Coast region.

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I55 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Newspaper box reading "Drop 3¢ here, Take a Register", with Mobile Register inside

I30 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
View of Dauphin Street beside Bienville Square

I29 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Promotional events for Mobile Gas Company. Man wearing polka-dotted outfit and conical hat drives cart pulled by a donkey, with a sign that reads "You are invited. Old Stove Roundup. $13.15 allowed on your old stove. $1 down payment...12 months to…

I27 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Downtown Mobile, including Battle House

I13 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Large industrial ship unloading cargo on Mobile docks

I12 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Aerial view of Mobile Bay

I11 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Gentleman standing in line and watching one man give an unknown item to another man in front of halfway rolled up American flag

I10 . Sep 83 A7.jpg
Water in industrial area

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